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Kevin Jeton Kololligestorben am 5. März 2018


Today is for you❤️
I wish I could take some fresh flowers to your grave today but I promise I will soon. Some things are really hard for me to understand but I will never ever doubt you!
I have so many ideas in my mind, I really think I could make them work and if I will, I will do it only for you! It’s crazy to think that you are actually motivating me to do some things I never imagined myself doing but for good, obviously. Your loss has really helped me to see life and people in a completely different way. You have become my strength and weakness, best of both worlds. That’s you, always bringing positivity no matter how. I love you endlessly, spread your wings wider today❤️ I just know you’re in good hands, we miss you here on Earth but Heaven’s got you🤍✨🕊☀️